About Us

We help travellers rebalance climate impacts  

We created Stay Green because, like you, we love travel. 

Whether you are an individual who travels, or a travel-related company, we’re all about making it easier for you to understand and rebalance your environmental impacts.

Enabling everyone to readdress their travel carbon footprint won’t be easy or quick, but believe that travel can be a force for good. By helping to change habits as well as promoting technology based solutions, our ultimate goal is to one day make the need for Stay Green redundant.

Different, and effective

As Stay Green’s founders also operate in the guest accommodation sector, we want to start to reverse the environmental damage travel can cause, and to inspire positive change. There’s no single solution, and we think about ‘offsetting’ in much broader terms than just carbon. 

We contribute to a range of projects – including but not limited to offsetting carbon emissions – that effectively counteract and rebalance the resource use and impacts of your travel. 

Our approach is genuinely different to other carbon offset programmes. We’re as committed to changing habits and the types of cleaning and other products used by the industry, as we are to supporting projects using better energy generation technologies, and initiatives helping people in less developed countries.

Meet Dan, Stay Green’s founder

Having travelled the world for both work and pleasure, run the family holiday accommodation business, and sat on the board of the regional DMO (destination marketing organisation), Dan has experienced first hand the beautiful benefits of travel. He has also faced-up to the uncomfortable truth that travel can have a negative impact on the environment.  

Travel accommodation consumes all sorts of resources and generates disproportionate amounts of waste. To kick-start Stay Green, we reviewed existing research on the carbon footprint of accommodation based travel, then developed our own uniquely sophisticated and realistic trip calculator. Because you can only contribute to rebalancing once you understand the true impacts of travel. 

Longer term, we believe the real answer is for everyone – travellers and accommodation providers alike – to change their travel habits. Just as travel can broaden horizons and open minds, so at Stay Green we encourage fresh thinking and approaches that will help the planet recover.

How your money is spent

For everyone here at Stay Green, being transparent about how your rebalancing contributions are spent is a key commitment. We only put funds into very carefully selected, certified schemes, so that you can be confident your money will make a positive difference. 

We keep the costs of running Stay Green to a minimum, while ensuring we provide a highly professional service. 85% of your money goes straight to the projects we help fund)

The administrative element of your contributions is typically about 15%, which is in line with the UK charity sector. This covers our staffing and marketing costs, as well as ongoing research and development to make our work even more effective.

Try our uniquely accurate travel impact calculator

We have created a uniquely accurate, easy to use tool for calculating the impact of trips that include accommodation. It even takes into account the time of year of your stay, to better predict carbon production.

The findings of our work have been both startling and encouraging: for about the cost of a take away coffee, most trips could offset the carbon damage involved, through contributions towards certified carbon offset projects.

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