How we Calculate


Everything has a carbon footprint, even water!  So we have developed a tool that allows people to calculate as accurately as possible, what the impact of their travel is.  

We have used our experience and understating of the travel industry (see About Us) to give the most accurate figures, even researching average temperature patterns across the world to factor in likely energy usage based on the time of year of your trip!  For example in the UK you are going to use less energy on heating in June than you are in January, which is reflected in the figures calculated.

Heating and air conditioning is one of the largest factors but the calculator takes into account everything with a carbon footprint such as:

  • Cooking for self-catering
  • Cleaning – the preparation of the accommodation
  • Linen
  • Number of people staying (this impacts things like amount of water and other resources used)
  • Size of the accommodation

For a full explanation of our data sources and how we interpreted that data please click here.


We all know that transport pollutes and has a big impact on the environment.  While nothing is an exact science we use widely accepted data produced by UK Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, this has emission values for all modes of transport.  We use that data along with the distance, which is unique to your trip to calculate the carbon value.  

For a full explanation of our data sources and how we interpreted that date please click here.

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