How we Rebalance

Where your money goes

Stay Green puts the funds raised into various projects.  These are certified projects that meet the highest standards like Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard.  We follow the philosophy of the United Nations:

Capture – for carbon that has already been released trees and plants are natures way of re-capturing it, and they are rather good at it!  

Reduce – by implementing energy efficient measures to reduce consumption and the use of fossil fuels, this can be clean cooking stoves and energy efficient bulbs.

Replace – by supporting projects to replace the use of fossil fuels with clean renewable sources of energy such as solar, wind, hydro, biomass.

Why do we not just plant trees? We do support tree planting projects, but we believe there needs to be more than one approach as there are no easy fixes that are going to solve the issue.  Newly planted trees can take several years to ‘capture’ carbon in any large amount and most verification programs won’t verity carbon capture from trees until a decade after planting.

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