Keep Sustainable This Festival Season

The festival vibe of peace and love can easily get lost in the toxic amount of plastic, waste and carbon each person in search of a party can create. According to a report by Creative Carbon Scotland, UK festival-goers create the equivalent of over 2.7kg of waste per person per day! It’s too easy to get carried away, burning through cups, plates, tents, wet wipes and general festival debris and taking none of home or recycling effectively.

Festival season is upon us in the UK and we’ve got some handy pointers to ensure you’re prepared and with limited plastic.

Look After Your Tent!

250,000 tents get left behind in UK fields from Glastonbury to Reading and Leeds, and each tent is equivalent to 8,750 straws or 250 pint cups of plastic. Leaving your tent behind at the end of a festival doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to get collected by a charity, they’re often dumped in landfill. Retailers will recommend what is known as a “Festival tent” for quick and easy packing, but they’re cheap and essentially single use. Instead, invest in a tent that can last a few more festival or borrow one from friends and family that you can later return.

Festival Fashion

Dressing for the occasion is part of the fun at a festival, but fast fashion is a global problem and your outfits don’t need to end up top of the pile. Charity shops and vintage boutiques often cater for festival fashion during the summer months, with plenty of glitz, feathers and colour to ensure you’re still fitting the bill. Make sure you purchase eco glitter which biodegrades rather than the plastic equivalent.

Become A Festival Food Connoisseur

It’s far too easy let all your good intentions disappear when you’re having fun and fancy some food. Plan ahead by looking up which food vendors will be at the festival and where you can get the best made burgers, plant based snacks and organic or local options. Committing to supporting the “good guys” rather than the commercial burger vans will ensure your food choices are delicious, nutritious and you’ll know your money is well spent.

Ditch Disposable

Challenge yourself to make as much of what you take something you can bring home and use again! Bring a mac rather than a plastic poncho, it doubles as a cushion or a waterproof picnic blanket. Take cutlery with you to avoid plastic disposables and if you must bring wet-wipes, share a pack with friends or limit yourself to just a few per day. A solar powered phone charger will keep energy use down as well as come in very handy. Bring enough bags to collect both landfill rubbish and recycling so that you’re not tempted to chuck everything in one go. You do it at home, so why not do it at the festival too?

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