Stay Green With Our Top 5 Eco Destinations For 2022

Ljubljana, Slovenia


Approximately 60% of Slovenia is covered in forest and 53.6% of its land is protected, making it the European country with the highest percentage of such territory. Boasting 40 parks and reserves, hiking is a popular activity for holiday makers who can keep the carbon footprint low while taking in breathtaking views across the country. In the mood for a city break? Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana have implemented many initiatives to improve the city’s sustainability credentials. Ljubljana has implemented a number of measures in the field of sustainable development, including green mobility, waste management and sustainable urban planning. The inner part of the city centre was closed for traffic in 2012 and the residents of Ljubljana increasingly opt for cycling as a means of transport. The Bicike(LJ) system of bicycle sharing in the city is a free-of-charge and very popular form of transportation. The Copenhagenize Index ranks Ljubljana among the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world.



Praised for our unparalleled sustainability efforts, Aruba was named the National Geographic World Legacy Award Winner for “Destination Leadership” in 2015 at ITB Berlin, the world’s largest tourism convention. The government of Aruba is aggressively promoting the use of renewable energy, most notably solar and wind energy. With more than 5,000 wind and 2,500 solar hours annually, Aruba has tremendous potential for sustainable energy generation. Today, Aruba receives nearly 20 percent of it’s energy from clean power. The Vader Piet wind farm generates 20 percent of the island’s electricity needs. The largest solar park at the Reina Beatrix International Airport, providing a total of 2,238.3KW!

Santiago, Chile


This South American country’s sustainability efforts begin in the capital city, Santiago. Here, the steady addition of new bike paths, an expanded underground metro system, and car restrictions in the city center have cut down on congestion and reliance on fume-spewing buses. Moreover, the city increasingly relies on solar energy to fuel the metro system—part of a nationwide effort to cut the national carbon footprint by 30% by 2030. Additionally, the government has set aside 35 million acres of land for conservation and Santiago and is promoting renewable energy nationwide. Five years ago, the National Service for Tourism of Chile initiated an “S” certification for three levels of sustainability. Now more than 70 tourism services have achieved at least one level.

Vilnius, Lithuania


The country has previously set goals to increase the use of renewable energy and reached their target of 23% use 6 years earlier than planned! Since then, the use of renewable energy has skyrocketed past that number in the years since. Lithuania was also the first Baltic nation to become part of the World Tourism Organization and has, ever since, demonstrated a commitment to sustainability. Aukshtaitskiy national park, the oldest in Lithuania, is home to over 120 picturesque lakes, old windmills, and the Museum of Ancient Beekeeping. Dzukiyskiy national park is the largest in Lithuania, and is home to the Museum of Ethnography as well as extensive bicycle paths and rental facilities. Zhemaitia national park is where you’ll find ruins of castles and some of the most impressive landscapes in the country. This park is also a haven for water enthusiasts, and famous for its cycling, kayaking, birdwatching, fishing, and diving opportunities.

Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Ensuring excellent ecotourism, Costa Rica has devoted an estimated 26% of its land to national parks, wildlife reserves and protected lands. For a tiny country of just 19,730 sq. miles (51,100 sq. km), it has a lot to offer. There is so much to see and do in Costa Rica. Catch sight of various exotic birds as you hike through the verdant rainforests, get fascinated by amazing plethora of wildlife and marine species, relax at the spectacular beaches or surround yourself with adventure.

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