Top Tips For A Planet Friendly Picnic

Summer has finally begun in the UK and one of the best ways to take advantage of the warmer weather is with a picnic. Simple yet effective, there’s something about eating outdoors in the sunshine that makes food taste that little bit more delicious! The spontaneity of al fresco dining is fun, but with a little bit of forward planning, your experience can not only taste fresher, but leave little impact on the planet and with less waste. Here’s five of the easiest ways to limit your plastic and waste without breaking the bank or losing the fun of eating food outdoors.

Bring Your Own

It might seem too easy to grab a pack of plastic cutlery and plates from the supermarket shelves, but those flimsy eating implements will live in landfill long after your picnic has been eaten. Try bringing your own from home or invest in re-usable cutlery that can be packed away until next time.

Ready, Steady, Cook!

Get creative with what you serve and prepare your salads and sandwiches at home. Almost every food item you can purchase from a shop will have some plastic wrapping. Convenient, yes, but nine times out of ten, those preprepared picnic dishes never taste quite as good as the homemade equivalent and it’s far more satisfying when you’ve made it yourself! From home, you can package your dishes in reusable Tupperware or containers that can then be used to take home any leftovers.

Location, Location, Location

Picking the perfect spot for your picnic is a top priority, but don’t forget something to sit on! Typical picnic mats contain micro plastics that can often shed from the fabric easily. Bring your own rug fro home or a cotton sheet to make the meal a little more chic and comfortable.

 Your New Best Friend

The multi-use mason jar. Take your own mason jar with you to drink from. Not thirsty anymore? You can also put a lid on it – now can a single use plastic cup do this for you? Don’t forget your reusable water bottle too.

Ditch The Single Use Wrap

Wrap, don’t cling. Rather than wrapping your sandwiches and muffins in cling film, store them in containers or use a reusable food wrap. You can then easily store any leftovers and take them home again with you, minimising food waste too.

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